BERGHOF - Our partners
BERGHOF - Our partners
BERGHOF - Our partners
BERGHOF - Our partners

Here we present our partners.

PSIPENTA Software Systems GmbH

Berghof Group is since it was founded a partner of PSIPENTA Software Systems GmbH. The control systems we provide are an integral part of the ERP system PSIpenta.

We provide with the re-engineering of business processes, training, consulting, customizing and support all services which are needed to successful run the ERP system PSIpenta. Our customers benefit from our experience in implementing this system in a wide range of different national and international projects.

HSi Innovative Organisationssysteme GmbH

Since 1995 HSi GmbH assists the manufacturing industry with innovative solutions for estimation and planning of production processes.

intex Informations-Systeme GmbH

INTEX Informationstechnik is a specialist for document management systems and the digital preservation of customer data and we collaborate in this field.

PCC Consulting GmbH

PCC Consulting develops and sells innovative software solutions to assist the customers, small and midsized companies, during the process of Strategic Controlling.


POOL4TOOL is the innovation leader for eSolutions to optimize processes in procurement and logistics. As “all-in-one supplier collaboration”-platform POOL4TOOL supports all processes from product development through the strategic and operational purchasing to EDI communication with suppliers and global product cost calculation.

PiSA sales GmbH

PiSA sales GmbH is a medium-sized provider of software solutions for customer-relationship management (CRM) and any-relationship management (XRM). Founded in 1989, the company nowadays provides one of the most efficient CRM solutions available on the German market.

GBTEC Software + Consulting AG

GBTEC Software + Consulting AG is a business process and IT management specialist. GBTEC offers seamless coverage of the entire value added chain for these areas, providing GBTEC customers with unique added value. GBTEC uses comprehensive knowledge and unique products to support customers from their initial idea all the way to regular operations.

J.M. software solutions GmbH

Founded in 1998, J.M. software solutions GmbH offers customers the best combination of a consulting and a software company. Their product Varial is one of the market leaders in financial accounting and human resource management. Their over 10 year long experience in project management shows that only the combination of a good standard software paired with excellent project consulting lead to a long-term customer loyalty.