Global, complex, harder. How to master these challenges
Global, complex, harder. How to master these challenges
Global, complex, harder. How to master these challenges
Global, complex, harder. How to master these challenges

Concept and Benefits behind the product 'BERGHOF'

Especially value-adding enterprises are facing a constant growing competitive pressure. Markets are becoming ever more complex and global - the challenges continue to increase. Therefore innovative solutions for ERP systems are today of decisive significance.

Exactly for this task our 'BERGHOF' experts have comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing processes, logistics and business ergonomics. In addition we bring the profound experience of many years from many successful projects to your company!

Tremendous user benefits

Project and make-to-order manufacturing represent companies with special challenges. That's why we've conceived unique solutions, based on the very latest algorithms of control engineering and cybernetic theories. These systems offer you optimum synchronization of material flow, production and process control.

Our system ensures your entire manufacturing and supply network is perfectly meshed and harmonized company wide.

The BERGHOF components give you adaptive control of your dynamic, highly complex manufacturing processes. You benefit from considerably reduced inventories, shorter throughput times, improved supply capability and adherence to delivery dates. These are crucial competitive advantages for companies with highly complex, capital-intensive manufacturing.

Services for your company: The benefits analysis

Its all about reserves to meet deadlines and optimize inventories

In the initial step our benefits analysis reveals the potentials to meet schedules and for inventories.

Based on the cutting edge models of real-time human health diagnosis, we have the ability to analyse your company's actual daily data.  We present key performance data and derive measures and improvement projects. These concern:

  1. Deadline compliance
  2. Inventory control
  3. Reduction of delivery times
  4. Improvement of production liquidity

Together with you, we will advise the way to lift this potential, as well as the strategic approach for sustainable efforts.